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Remember that important thing you heard but forgot to write down? 

I've made life a little easier for you with my favorite key points taken from interviews and episodes so you can come back and reference them anytime. Think of this page as your LinkedIn cheat sheet! 


Released 11.14.19

How LinkedIn Works for this Entrepreneur

  1. Pair up with someone or a group who can help hold you accountable. That person or people may be able to give you some great pointers in the right direction when it comes to your marketing for your brand.

  2. Keep it real - be your authentic self. Your profile should represent who you really are, not who you think people want you to be. That’s how you create a more personal connections. 

  3. Don’t be afraid to be bold and write visually and conversationally. 

  4. The people you need are on LinkedIn. You want to focus on connecting with the people who can get you to where you want to go. 

  5. You can get your foot in the door if you connect and do it right. Know how to talk to people and build those relationships. And be relentless, but in a nice, business casual way. 

  6. Give, give, give, before you ask for anything - it’s effective. 

  7. The email that starts with “Have you given up on …” - creates an incredibly effective response rate. 

  8. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid! 

  9. LinkedIn is professional Facebook - you can connect with friends, you can connect with business partners. If you work LinkedIn properly, you can do well with it. Your content will be seen! 

  10. LinkedIn is like having another employee. Your profile sitting out there represents who you are and speaks for you. Make it personal. 

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Released 11.27.19

The Global Power of LinkedIn with Master Influencer, Edward Zia

  1. LinkedIn gives us the technology to expand our reach to an unlimited audience across the world. 

  2. Keep your communication personal. Be genuine in your DM's. Don't be an "arrogant weirdo" by spamming your connections.

  3. Your content has to add value to people's lives. It can be as simple as inspiring, motivating, or educating people. But it should always be improving your audience's life.

  4. People connect with story. Storytelling can provide a lot of value as well. It helps with branding as well. 

  5. The content you put out there has to be relevant to you. It has to come from your expertise. Make it relevant to what you're really good at. It should boost your credibility, not hinder it. 

  6. You're having a conversation on LinkedIn. It is a communication platform. If you are helping people, it will work well for you.

  7. To become more popular on LinkedIn, put out great content. But also like, share, and comment on an abundant, regular basis. Your connections will return the favor. 

  8. Providing live free webinars gives people a preview, a taste of what you can do before they decide they want to hire you. Plus, they are global. 

  9. Treat people like people. It's people who are on LinkedIn. 

  10. LinkedIn has totally, positively disrupted the world. You can easily go directly to the right people without having to go through the middle man. 

  11. How you conduct your communication and networking on LinkedIn is a reflection of what you would be like to work with in real life. 

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